Got That Hot Spot Or Not?

April 18, 2012


While Freud famously went to his deathbed asking “What do women want?”, today’s scientists seem equally confounded by the question “What do women have?”. We refer specifically to the fabled G-spot, and the research community’s conflicting opinions about its existence, whereabouts, and contributions to female orgasm. For the latest, see this well-written piece in Jezebel: “If Cosmo can proclaim to know whether or not the g-spot is a thing, shouldn't science know one way or another? You'd think, but you'd be wrong. Those studying the button cannot confirm or deny its existence. And most of the studies just kind of...suck.” There follows a lively round-up of the ongoing debate, reported from the frontiers of the female brain and vagina. 

Whether this infamous joybuzzer is real or pertinent is left to be decided. Every woman is free to choose the avenue of pleasure that works for them and not conform to others' ideal of the ultimate "O".  

And we leave you with a few parting words on the subject from the frustrated but funny Margaret Cho...