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A revolutionary, smart Kegel trainer

kGoal is a ground-breaking advance in pelvic floor health. It is an interactive training system (device + smart phone app) for female pelvic floor exercise.  Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign, we are excited to bring this product to you.

kGoal is designed to fit a wide range of body types and anatomies.  Our extensive user testing has shown that kGoal is comfortable during use for 95% of women tested.  If you have questions about the comfort of kGoal, please contact us (

  • Real time, tactile biofeedback: pelvic floor muscles are often controlled subconsciously, and studies have shown that over 30% of women are not able to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles without direct feedback. kGoal's ability to provide real time feedback via touch, sight and sound can help you make sure you're doing the exercises correctly
  • Guide your workout: our team of expert physical therapists and doctors has helped us develop algorithms to suggest exercise plans that are tailored to you and based on your current capabilities
  • Track your performance: kGoal can measure and keep track of things from muscle strength to endurance to which exercises you did and when you did them. Being able to look at how your body changes over time can help you (and your doctor or physical therapist) better understand your body and optimize your health
  • Be comfortable: since kGoal's squeezable pillow section is squishy and has a vent to adjust air pressure, you can tailor the fit to your body's unique anatomy, even as it changes over time
  • Make exercise fun: let's face it...exercise can be boring. A smart device like kGoal can make it much more interesting, and we're even working on games and other interactions to make pelvic floor exercise more engaging. We know that motivation can be a huge challenge with exercise, and it is extremely important to us to create an experience that doesn't feel like a chore

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    Product Specs:

    • Size: 3.65 inches long x 1.45 inches max diameter (for the rigid insertable part)
    • Weight: 3 oz
    • Material: 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI medical grade silicone
    • Splash-resistant for easy cleaning
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Eco-friendly USB-rechargeable battery:
      • Battery life is at least 2 hours, depending on usage
      • Charge time is ~1.5 hours

    Smartphone Compatibility Note:

    kGoal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices but does require Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) capability. For Apple devices, this is the iPhone 4S or newer or the iPad3 or newer. Please ask us ( if you're unsure about compatibility with your device.  The app will be available at no charge with the purchase of a kGoal device.


    US and International Patents Pending.